Monday, February 10, 2020

Negotiation Principles - Lesson 22 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Negotiation Principles - Lesson 22 - Essay Example Lastly, advocate approach takes many factors into consideration and occurs when an individual tries to accumulate as much benefits for their party as possible. It is a dangerous tactic as it can result in more lose than win situations. Negotiating government contracts consist of many forms. Nibbling is one of the most prominent forms for negotiation. The actually strategy is to pursue strong efforts of negotiation until the deal is done. It’s effective when the other party has invested much time and energy into a particular contract. The second type of government contracting is refusal. Refusal is a method that indicates that a party is not interested in the offer and thinks there is room for improvement. This tactic does produce many positive results. Another method is called conditioning in which parties start with initial talks prior to engagement. It sets out a scope for engagement and discussion and very fast way to get the deal done. Another methodology is known as distributive negotiation. This type of negotiation deals with the proper allocation of proportions that are being distributed. It’s a government contract quality assurance program that ensures that frauds are being eliminated and that the parties possess FAA certificates. CAO has stands for Contract Administrative Officer. The main role of CAO is to collaborate with the PCO and the ACO in order to ensure that bodies are certified for contracting through these agencies. The PCO ensures that private contracts are established while the CAO is in charge of diminishing fraud. The CAS works closely with DoD that requires performance of contract administration. Lastly, the PCO is the organization that the contractor needs to be filed with for procuring purposes. The Procuring Contracting Officer (PCO) initiates into the contract and possesses the original signed contract for the official contract file. The CAO has most responsibilities at it over heads the contractor

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