Monday, January 6, 2020

Job Analysis The Saa Or Southwest Analytics And Aerospace

The SAA or Southwest Analytics and Aerospace has been faced with a few major problems within their company. A job analysis is important to conduct with the problems facing SAA. A job analysis is a detailed examination of performance elements within a company, which enables us to narrow down problems and helps it grow as a whole and move forward. After reviewing all of the problems presented I have narrowed it down to key ones. The first that they are faced with would be that SAA relies on primitive methods when deciding whom to hire. An unstructured, group-based interview is usually how hiring is determined. Next, they are having problems with intergenerational conflict. Older employees talk about the â€Å"good old days† when events would occur before some of the younger, newer engineers were even born. This could be a cause of why they are having a hard time attracting, hiring and retaining talented young employees. Finally, SAA is not treating their employees with the respe ct they deserve. The employees are expected to follow the rules blindly and not step out of the path that has been created for them. These are the 3 key things that I can set specific actions to overcome the obstacles and get the company on track for success. The given challenges or problems pose a tremendous set back for the company if not looked thoroughly at. First, we will take a look at the hiring system. The problem that faces SAA is that there is a set of managers that only hire/promote in favor ofShow MoreRelatedThe Southwest Analytics And Aerospace Essay1258 Words   |  6 PagesThe Southwest Analytics and Aerospace --SAA-- has been made aware of the major problems within their company. The job analysis depicted here will give a clear insight into the organization and its complications. A job analysis is a detailed examination of performance elements within a company, which enables them to narrow down problems and solve them. After reviewing the management, the issues at hand presented have been narrowed down to three key ones. The first problem that they are faced withRead MoreErp Sap Research Paper46896 Words   |  188 PagesIntroduction to SOL Server 2005  © 2007 Systems Analysis and Design: Hoffer /GeorgelValacich, Modern Systems Analysis qnd Design 5 /e  © 2008 Kendall/Kendall, Systems Analysis and Design 7Ie  © 2008 Valacich/George/Hoffer, Essentials of Systems Analysis and Design 31e  © 2006 Object-Oriented Systems Analysis and Design: Geor ge/Batr alValacich/Hoffer, Object-Oriented Systems Analysis and Design, 2e  © 2007 Stumpf/Teague, Object-Oriented Systems Analysis and Design with UML  © 2005 continued on backRead MoreCase Study148348 Words   |  594 Pagessites on the web so you can explore more about the organisations featured in the case studies †¢ Classic cases – over 30 case studies from previous editions of the book †¢ The Strategy Experience simulation gives you hands-on experience of strategic analysis and putting strategy into action Resources for instructors †¢ Instructor’s manual, including extensive teaching notes for cases and suggested teaching plans †¢ PowerPoint slides, containing key information and figures from the book †¢ Secure testbank

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